Lee Dong Gook’s Children Are Cute Look Alikes of Cartoon Characters

Did you ever notice that Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and Daebak are almost exact look alikes of three characters from Korea’s favorite kids cartoon “Dooly the Little Dinosaur”?

On the October 25 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” their father Lee Dong Gook reveals that others often point out how his children bear striking resemblance to three beloved “Dooly” characters.

And it turns out that the similarity between his kids and the cartoon characters is pretty incredible.

This point was illustrated through cute side-by-side comparisons of Seol Ah and Ddochi, Soo Ah and Michol, and finally, Daebak and Heedong.

lee dong gook

Catch up to the show below!