Voice Behind “Detective Cough” Revealed on “King of Mask Singer”

Spoilers ahead!

On the October 25 episode of “King of Mask Singer,” the singer using the alias Detective Cough reveals his identity! He performs a moving rendition of Jeon Ram Hwe‘s “Stranger,” showing off a definite skill in singing ballads.

While guessing his identity, Kim Gu Ra asks Detective Cough to open his long coat, to which the singer replies that it’d make him uncomfortable. He then goes on to demonstrate his incredible range not once, but twice before the panel of judges.

Alas, Detective Cough loses to Kid Magician by only a small margin of 40 to 59 and removes his mask to reveal that he is none other than Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun! The MC comments amidst the delighted screams, “Finally, a Super Junior member has come on the show.”


Kim Gu Ra, who had initially guessed that it was Kyuhyun behind the mask, laughs, “Kyuhyun is my alter ego.” He says that he would have known Kyuhyun by his legs, which is why he asked him to open his coat.

Kyuhyun confesses that he feels bad that there hasn’t been much opportunity to showcase Super Junior’s vocal talents. “Super Junior is well known for our variety skills, even though we’re singers.” He goes on to say that he wishes he could have gone on to sing a third song. To everyone’s delight, he is given the chance to sing it anyway, doing a gorgeous performance of Park Hyo Shin‘s “Wildflower.”

For his last greeting, Kyuhyun says, “I wanted to sing three songs, and I did, so I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I wanted.”

Did you guess Detective Cough’s identity correctly?

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