Daehan Bursts Into Tears on “The Return of Superman”

Daehan seems to have caved under pressure and burst into tears on the most recent episode of “The Return of Superman.


The October 25 episode is titled “Turning Fear into Courage,” which continues following along with the triplets’ army experience. Song Il Gook leaves the triplets to the drill sergeant and attempts to watch them in disguise, but totally fails as the triplets recognize him immediately.

However, despite being energetic during the drills and mealtime, Daehan wakes up after a nap and begins to cry for his dad. “I’ll sleep if I can see Daddy,” he cries, though he eventually falls asleep thanks to the drill instructor comforting him.


Once the triplets fall asleep, Song Il Gook creeps into the room to check on them, smiling when he sees them sleeping soundly.

You can catch up with “The Return of Superman” below!

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