Jung Yong Hwa Reveals He No Longer Has His Buff Body From CNBLUE’s Teasers

Though CNBLUE‘s Jung Yong Hwa wowed fans by appearing shirtless in the group’s teaser photos and videos, he says his abs aren’t there any more.

jung yong hwa 2

On the episode of KBS2’s “A Song For You” that aired on October 26, CNBLUE appears as the special guests. When they start talking about Jung Yong Hwa’s defined muscles in the teaser photos and video, Jung Yong Hwa says, “There isn’t anything left though.”

“While I was working out, I wanted to leave a record of it,” he reveals about the story behind going semi-naked in front of the camera.

MC Kangin asks, “Don’t the other members have a nice body too?” Lee Jong Hyun jokes, “Lee Jung Shin has exposed his belly button in the past.”

Jung Yon Hwa muscles 2

Watch the latest episode of “A Song for You” below.

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