The Couples of “We Got Married 4” Share Intimate Moments

Love is in the air as the couples of “We Got Married 4” are getting lovey-dovey.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married 4” aired on October 24, the three couples get more intimate with each other.

Yook Sungjae meets Joy’s seniors at SM such as Super Junior’s Kangin and f(x)’s Amber. While they give good advice to him as seniors, they also nag at him, saying, “You only like Joy way too much.”

Kangin, who used to star in “We Got Married,” also left a message for his ex-virtual wife Lee Yoon Ji.

“How are you? Does your new husband treat you well,” he jokes. “I’m sorry I couldn’t go to your marriage. My feet just wouldn’t budge.”

Later on, when Joy has to leave, Yook Sungjae cooks for her under the title “I Do It Alone.” Then he proceeds to present a small surprise event for Joy, which truly touches her heart.

“I’ve always wanted to receive an event. At that moment, I fell for him,” she says. “I was really touched. I could tell how much consideration went into it.”

“I can tell why women love events. I like him ten times more now,” she adds.

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Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won enjoy a fall jumbo shrimp meal for their date. When Oh Min Suk reveals he can’t eat shrimp, Kang Ye Won provokes him by saying, “I guess you won’t be able to kiss me if I eat shrimp?”

Throughout the day, Oh Min Suk earns points by constantly throwing sweet words at her.

When Kang Ye Won escorts him to his film setting at the end of the day, she ends up giving him a back hug because she doesn’t want to leave. Touched at her affection, Oh Min Suk gives her a surprise kiss on her cheek.

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During a following interview, the two say they wouldn’t be able to forget the day and were very happy.

Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon enjoy a house warming party with their friends. During the party, the two constantly show off the sweet love of a newly married couple, fending off their friends’ jokes together.

Later on during a game, Kwak Si Yang must do as the crowd wants as a penalty. His friends request him to kiss his wife on the cheek, which he does.

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