Sung Yuri Reveals Why She Is Hesitant About a Fin.K.L Reunion

Actress Sung Yuri, a former Fin.K.L member, revealed why she is hesitant about a reunion with the group.

On October 26, she said during an interview, “I’m honestly not confident about a reunion.”

She explained, “Fin.K.L was only active for three, four years. We didn’t go on stage together for 12 years after that, so if you suddenly told us to do it, the so, so amazing name of Fin.K.L would be on the line. That would make me so nervous.”

She added, “Also now, the days of lip syncing are over and I am afraid that we will be breaking the fantasies of the pretty Fin.K.L of old. I’m worried and honestly, I’m not confident.” She also said, “People think Fin.K.L was active for a long time. I think it was because we worked hard in a short period of time.”

Meanwhile, Sung Yuri’s new movie, “Sorry, Love You, Thank You,” will hit theaters on October 29.

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