Hong Suk Chun Reveals That He Never Wants to Get Married

Actor Hong Suk Chun, who is well-known for also being a celebrity chef and successful restauranteur, revealed that he never wants to get married.

When prompted, “Since coming out, the thing that the public always wants to know is your marriage plans,” in a recent interview, Hong Sun Chun replied, “I won’t get married. I’m going to be single for my whole life. However, I am always in love with someone. My orientation is already known, so you can fill in the blanks.”

He then said, “My role model is the late designer Andre Kim. I’d like to find satisfaction in helping the underprivileged around me and doing other good things.”

Meanwhile, Hong Suk Chun is currently filming “Saimdang, the Herstory” along with actress Lee Young Ae, and is currently a fixed member of six different variety shows.

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