Dongho Confirms Marriage; Says He’s Madly in Love

Dongho has confirmed the news of his marriage.

Thought it may be a little early at the age of 22, he said, “I want to get married soon since I’ve met the right person.”

Though there’s only a month and a half left until the marriage, Dongho was still cautious about talking about his bride in order to protect her privacy. Yet he didn’t hide his love, saying, “I have always wanted to get married sooner than later, and I truly love my bride.”

“My parents told me that it isn’t ideal to have reports after reports about my marriage blazing through the media, so I won’t be giving out much details through mere cover reports,” Dongho said in an interview with Daily Sports. “I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for about a year and a half. It’s true that we’re both pretty young. However, I’ve wanted to marry early since I was young, and I’ve always brought it up too. Surprisingly, my girlfriend has been thinking the same way as well.”

“During our relationship, I’ve mentioned I want to get married if things work out between us. In all honesty, I’ve even thought about getting married earlier. However, my parents advised against it. They wanted me to get to know her for a little longer, and now I think we are ready,” he said.

“Though some may think we haven’t dated long enough, we’ve already gone through a lot together and have prepared for this day one-by-one. I think our love is pretty evident if we’ve determined marriage at such a young age,” Dongho added.

The marriage will be held on November 28. Though news of his marriage started surfacing last week, it was difficult to reach Dongho, who has retired from celebrity life and no longer has a managing agency. Only a close friend of Dongho said, “We will be sending out the details through a coverage report.”

Later on, Dongho’s marriage planners sent a coverage report saying, “The bride and groom have been preparing their marriage for the past three months. They have been preparing the process one-by-one. More details will be revealed along with the couple’s wedding photo shoot.”

Meanwhile, Dongho debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and started an active career in both movies and variety shows. However, due to privacy issues, he halted his media career in 2013.

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