Shin Bong Sun Played the Pepero Game With Park Seo Joon In the Past

On October 26, comedian Shin Bong Sun uploaded onto her Instagram a photo with the caption, “Kyah! What? This was Park Seo Joon?”


The photo was of Shin Bong Sun playing the pepero game with a 20 year old Park Seo Joon. Many were surprised to see that Park Seo Joon looked just as handsome in the photo as he is today.

Shin Bong Sun was especially dumbfounded to learn that one of her partners for her past show, “Infinity Girls,” had been Park Seo Joon.

She expressed her regret as she wrote, “This was Park Seo Joon? I should have tried to become closer with him.”

Many of her fans responded, “The water has already been spilled. You can’t recover it.”

Watch the clip of the show below!

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