10 Types of Drinkers You Will Find in Korea

There are various types of people who show up at a drinking party. Depending on the type of personalities they possess, people display different behaviors. Oftentimes, a person’s true feelings or thoughts are revealed after they’ve had a drink or two.

Here are 10 different types of drinkers you can find in Korea… and K-dramas.

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Source: Minjinno’s Naver Blog

1. The Obvious Drunk

Insisting over and over again that he/she is not drunk, yet he/she goes on rambling. First rule of thumb – never believe anyone at a drinking party who says, “I’m not drunk.”

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2. The Mother Hen

They show unusual care and affection in making sure other fellow drinkers get home safely. Pretty much the most sober and reliable person there.

drunk IU

3. The Tomato

There are those who turn bright red as soon as they have a few sips or a drink. Even though they truly may not be drunk, their faces turn bright red.

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4. The Glutton

They don’t drink much, but they do fill up on drinking food. Others often wonder if the person is there to eat rather than to drink.

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5. The Server

The person starts setting the table as soon as everyone sits down. Most likely the youngest person there. You can spot them easily as they move about quickly as soon as dishes and glasses are empty.

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Source: Insight

6. The Enforcer

You must empty the glass when handed a glass from this type of person forcing everyone to drink up. There’s always one of these types of drinkers wherever you go, most typically in your college years.

Hwang Jung Eum She Was Pretty

Source: Minjinno’s Naver Blog

7. The Dancer

This person completely lets go of his/her inhibitions and shows off his/her moves. The sight may be a little difficult to swallow at times, but it’s tolerable for a day.

drinking type8

8. The Hunter

Rather than the people he/she is with, this person is more interested in what’s going on at other tables. They’re constantly on the lookout for someone to “hunt.” It’s not easy to keep them focused on your party.

Trot Lovers drunk

9. The Serious Philosopher.

Once he/she starts drinking, they start talking about everything in life including the laws of the universe. They suddenly become Socrates or Epicurus and start discussing the truths and futility of life.

Jun Ji Hyun

10. The Crying Drama Queen

He/she cries without reason (sometimes for a good reason). There’s always this type of drinker at a party. It’s best to leave them alone if alcohol brings out tears that help them heal.

Do you know any drinkers that fit into these types? Which do you think are the best and worst?

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