Kim Ji Woo Fights Back Hateful Comments Calling Her a Plastic Surgery Monster

Actress Kim Ji Woo, wife of Chef Raymon Kim, fights back head-on with nasty commenters online. Kim Ji Woo married Chef Raymon Kim back in 2013 and has a daughter named Rua.

On October 27, Kim Ji Woo posted a picture of herself from the concert information site Play DB and a lengthy reply on her Instagram.

kim ji woo-instagram

Her post is in response to the hateful comments that were made to the most recent interview article on her upcoming musical “Gone with the Wind.”

Kim Ji Woo writes, “Let’s start with something funny. People are calling me a plastic surgery monster seeing the pictures I took for Play DB interview. If this is the end result of plastic surgeries, I should just die.”

She continues, “People are telling me that my eyes look gross and I should stop getting shots on my face. They’re telling me to stop messing with my face. Instead of getting plastic surgeries and shots, I’d rather get a personal trainer and exercise with that money. Or I’d rather buy my Rua some clothes.”

She ends her post saying, “But I’m still grateful that people are paying attention to me. I never thought the double eyelid surgery I got as a young girl would make my eyes bigger at my age now. Thanks, Doc!”

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