Choi Siwon Becomes First Korean to Reach 5 Million Twitter Followers

Choi Siwon reached a big social media milestone on October 26 by hitting five million Twitter followers!

The Super Junior member first launched his account on March 25, 2010 and soon became the most followed Korean person on Twitter in December 2011. He has now claimed another record by becoming the first Korean Twitter user to hit five million followers.


Known for actively interacting with both domestic and international fans, the star has consistently updated his Twitter by sharing thought-provoking opinions, photos taken with big-name entertainment stars, and updates on his daily life.

He left a sweet message on Twitter on October 27 to thank his followers for the support and to remind fans about tomorrow’s episode of the incredibly popular “She Was Pretty.”


The new record has not gone unnoticed by Twitter either. To celebrate the achievement, Twitter Music gave a shoutout to all K-pop fans and congratulated Choi Siwon on his new milestone, while Twitter Korea shared an exclusive video message from the star himself.

siwon siwon

Congratulations to Choi Siwon! You can follow him on Twitter @siwon407.