Controversy Rises Over Music Test Asking The Number of EXO Members

Students were taken by surprise when they saw EXO on their music exams.

In a recent post titled “The Music Test of Horror,” a picture of a music exam is attached. One question in particular is highlighted because of its controversial content.

The question is asking to add up all the numbers in the parentheses within the following passage , “In the year of ( ), group activities conducted by large managing agencies became prevalent. From ( ) generation idols, such as HOT, SES, and Fin.K.L to current day’s EXO ( people), these groups have defined the Korean Wave and stand as the representatives of K-POP.”

exo question

Students who have little interest in K-pop were startled by the question that asked the number of members in EXO.

The original writer of the Internet post said, “I didn’t get a 100 because of this question. How would I know how many people there are in EXO.”

exo question 2

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