Actress Lee Tae Im Will Be Hosting Upcoming “SNL Korea 6” Episode

Actress Lee Tae Im will be hosting “SNL Korea 6” on November 7.

“We decided to ask Lee Tae Im to host the show because of her charming looks and her potential of chemistry with Shin Dong Yeop. She has recently jumped back into her career with a new drama, and she herself has shown great passion in stepping in front of the audience,” tvN said. “She will be charming the crowd with her sexiness, acting skills, and self diss.”

Many are eager to see if Lee Tae Im will bring up her past cursing scandal because “SNL Korea” is known for having its hosts self diss themselves. Earlier this year, Lee Tae Im was caught cursing at Yewon on “Tutoring Across Generations.” The scandal ended with both sides apologizing to each other.

Meanwhile, Lee Tae Im’s new drama “You Will Love Me” will air on Drama H and Trendy Channel. It tells the story of a woman who becomes a famous social media dating guru and ends up helping a helpless man find a girl.

“You Will Love Me” will first air on October 29 at 12:30 p.m.

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