SEVENTEEN’s Rapper Line Is a Sexy Hip-Hop Unit for Cosmopolitan

The fashion magazine Cosmopolitan focuses on the 13 member boy band SEVENTEEN. Cosmopolitan sat down with the hip-hop unit members Wonwoo, S.Coups, Mingyu, and Vernon for a photo shoot and interview.

Check out the transcript of the interview below:

Q: You came back to release your second mini-album “Boys Be” a month after you released your first album “17 Carat.” Isn’t that the shortest amount of time spent between releasing albums in comparison to other idol groups?

S.Coups: We don’t think that’s too short of a timeframe. We wanted to reintroduce ourselves to everyone as soon as possible. A month felt too long.

Q: There are three different units within SEVENTEEN. Cosmopolitan chose the hip-hop unit. Why do you think that is?

Wonwoo: Perhaps we’re the most attractive group?

Mingyu: You know how Cosmopolitan is “sexy and hot?” In that sense, our hip-hop unit is compatible with Cosmopolitan.

S.Coups: We always say the hip-hop unit takes care of the visual essence of SEVENTEEN, haha.

Q: What differentiates SEVENTEEN from other idol groups?

Mingyu: We’re full of energy! When you see us, you become happy, you laugh, and feel energized.

Q: It must be difficult to show off your individual charm mixed in among 13 members. What type of charm would you want to appeal to your fans?

Vernon: I personally want to show off more rapping. I don’t feel like I’ve really performed my all.

Wonwoo: That’s our common goal as the hip-hop unit.

S.Coups: Each of has more desire for rap. We all have different styles. We want to show our own unique spin.

Mingyu: SEVENTEEN conveyed a bright, boyish concept for the first and second album. I want to show off more sexy and masculine side of us in the future.

Q: No wonder you all were striking sexy poses.

Mingyu: That’s right, I know something about our team’s sexy charisma, haha.

Q: The title track of the second album “Mansae” is about shouting hooray when your ideal woman looks at you. What type of woman brings SEVENTEEN members to shout for joy?

S.Coups: A woman who is professional and works hard in her field. My ideal type of woman is Nicki Minaj these days. It’s amazing to watch her rap passionately on stage.

Wonwoo: I have my romantic image of a woman. A woman who is sitting by the window in soft sunlight reading a book. Like a scene out of a music video. I think I’ll fall for a woman like that.

Q: What kind of date do you want to go on with your ideal woman?

Mingyu: I want to travel to beautiful places. I’ve always wanted to travel with someone I love.

Vernon: My dream is to also travel around the world with someone I love. I remember what Tom Hanks said once. He said if you have someone you really love, try traveling the world with that person. At the end of the trip, if you’re still in love with that person, it’s true love. I want to experience that.

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