Introducing A KPOP Project – The Next Film You’ll Have To See

Hey Soompiers! I have some cool news about an upcoming project that is focused on bringing K-pop to the masses – but unlike Soompi’s news-oriented focus this project is all about thinking bigger, like, big screen bigger!

What happens when you pluck a top idol out of Seoul and drop him off in small-town America? The start of a really, really fun romantic comedy that will incorporate the slick choreography we’ve come to expect from K-pop and a story that all of us K-pop fans will be able to connect with. The story, backed by Wilmer Valderrama, is planned for a feature film – hitting theaters across the US and introducing more audiences to everything that K-pop has to offer.

We’ve synched up with Briana Frapart (the film’s creator and producer) and Aimee Lee Lucas (producer) to find out exactly how you can join in the making of the film and make your voice heard. PSY may have introduced K-pop to music listeners and Youtube aficionados, but this project aims to introduce K-pop to filmgoers everywhere.

Being produced with a team of experts in the field of K-pop music and dance (from Lydia Paek, Keone + Mari Madrid, Quest Crew, and Ellen Kim to name a few), the film is going to show K-pop the way it was meant to be shown – and will include some great cameos in addition to the stellar cast!


The KPOP Project team launched a website just yesterday to get fans involved with the making of the film, yes, but also to give back to the fans that have been supporting K-pop in the US all these years. It’s thanks to dedication of fans like you that we are spoiled by great acts coming to the states nearly every month. Join this movement and bring some great acts, and well-deserved recognition, to theaters across the U.S.!

Some of the perks you can receive from their crowdfunding campaign include: tickets to the film’s 2017 L.A. premiere, walk-on roles, the opportunity to be an extra during the concert scenes (free concert!), a trip to Korea for filming, dance lessons from the film’s choreographers themselves, film swag and way more!

We’ll be keeping you updated with the film’s news and bringing you some exclusive coverage on production, so stay tuned for some exciting announcements! Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section, we’d love to know what you’re thinking!

For more updates on the project, follow their official Facebook page here.


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