BTS to Release New Song During Their Concert As a Gift to Fans

BTS will be showing off their new song from November 27 to 29 through “2015 BTS LIVE The Most Beautiful Time in Life on stage.” They’ve decided to showcase their song on their concert stage in gratitude for all the love they’ve received from their fans during 2015.

This concert, which covers all of the “The Most Beautiful Time in Life” series, will be a special gift to fans because of the group’s fierce performances and introduction of their new song.

BTS will release their new album “The Most Beautiful Time in Life pt. 2” on November 30 at midnight and kick off their official schedule.

Back in April, the group rocked the music scene with their title song “I NEED U” from the album “The Most Beautiful Time in Life pt. 1” by winning five awards from music ranking shows.

Meanwhile in August, BTS finished their world tour “2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE !I. THE RED BULLET” in 13 countries.

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