T.O.P Confesses His Heart Fluttered While Working With Ueno Juri

T.O.P has a new heartthrob, whom he met in his latest movie.

On October 28, the production presentation of the web drama “Secret Message” was held. T.O.P, Ueno Juri, Yoo In Na, Kim Kang Hyun, Lee Jae Yoon, Shin, Director Yoo Dae Eol and Park Myung Cheon, and Producer Lee Seung Hoon attended the event.

When asked, “How did you feel after hearing you’d be acting with Ueno Juri,” T.O.P answered, “I was so excited, and my heart fluttered. I’ve really enjoyed her work in the past, and my heart was pounding at the thought of acting with her.”

“I was curious about what she would be like in real person. I couldn’t wait to find out,” he added.

In the drama, T.O.P plays the role of the male lead Woo Hyun, who wants to trust in love despite his heartache. Ueno Juri plays the role of the female lead Haruka, a woman who still has a lot to say a lot about love.

“Secret Message” is a global project made under the collaboration of CJ E&M, Japan’s most renounced entertainment company AMUSE INC., and the global messenger LINE. The story of a Korean man and Japanese woman helping each other overcome the heartbreak of their first love and find someone new is sure to be appealing to a myriad of fans.

Meanwhile, “Secret Message” will be aired globally on November 2 in Asia, the U.S.A., South America, etc. Fans will have access to it through Naver TV Cast in Korea, dTV in Japan, and LINE TV in Taiwan. The premiere will be held at 8 p.m., and for the remaining two weeks, it will be shown on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 a.m.

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