Joo Won Answers to Whether He Feels Romantically Attracted to His Co-Stars

Actor Joo Won answered to whether he ever has romantic feelings towards co-stars.

On October 27, Joo Won was asked in an interview, “It looks like you really get into character and you truly like your female co-star. Have you ever had anything come out of it?” At the question, Joo Won laughed loudly, “I wish!”

However, he did reveal, “In reality, I do really like my co-stars when I’m acting. As a person, as a partner, and as something beyond that.” He revealed, “Since I really like her romantically, it’s probably obvious in the way I look at her. I really like [working with] partners who allow me to feel that way naturally.”

Joo Won added, “I do love [my co-stars] and I get jealous, too. Whenever I feel that way, I have to control myself.” He explained, “My favourite movies are those like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘Twilight.’ The actors’ eyes are completely different after they fall in love. I want to show viewers those eyes, too.”

He also said, “I have this look that comes out when I do melodramas. I pull that look out, and I am able to feel the like and love for the co-star and because of that, I think that people will see that my eyes are not the same. I’m also very thankful for my co-stars for giving me those genuine feelings.”

Joo Won also confessed that he would like to try something romantically focused, saying, “If there were a cry-your-eyes-out-deathbed type thing, I’d do it if it was a good scenario. But I’d like to try a melodrama where I’m crazy for love. Like the movie ‘Notebook.'” He also laughed while saying, “Strangely enough, I found the romance in ‘Matrix’ to be really strong. It was very touching.”

Meanwhile, Joo Won’s new movie, “It’s Him,” opened October 28. In the movie, he plays a man who chases after his dead sister’s murderer.

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