After School’s Nana Shows Off Her Fantastic Figure in Cosmopolitan

After School’s Nana shows off her fantastic figure in the November issue of Cosmopolitan.

The singer has always been in the center of attention thanks to her lean and beautiful figure. She is passionate about taking care of her body and paying attention to her health. Since she started working out, she hits the gym and works out with her personal trainer no matter how busy she gets. She’s mindful of the food she eats, preferring healthy food containing low sodium.

Nana comments about her philosophy on beauty saying, “At first, I started watching what I ate and exercised for the sake of maintaining my figure, but not anymore. I realized staying healthy is of the foremost importance. As long as I pay attention to staying healthy, getting a beautiful figure happens naturally.”

More of Nana’s pictorial, interview, and photo shoot video clips can be seen in the magazine as well as on Cosmopolitan’s official website.



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