YG Entertainment Reveals iKON’s Re-Scheduling Announcement

Looks like fans will have to wait a little bit longer.

On October 28, YG Entertainment revealed a poster for iKON’s re-scheduling announcement. Originally, the group released their warm-up single “My Type” on September 15 and their half album “Welcome Back” on October 1. While the initial plan was to reveal their debut full album on November 2, the poster reveals a new schedule with new dates.

The new schedule has iKON releasing two new tracks and accompanying music videos on November 16. Their full album will be released on December 14 along with new music videos.

iKON re-scheduling announcment

Meanwhile, iKON has been enjoying great success with the songs they have released thus far. The group has won first place several times on various music shows. Recently, they have held fan meetings in order to greet their fans. Many are anticipating their upcoming songs and full album.

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