Kim Young Kwang Says It’s Exhausting to Play One-Sided Love Characters

Actor Kim Young Kwang explained how hard it is to play a character going through a one-sided love experience.

On October 28, Arirang TV‘s “Showbiz Korea” posted an interview with the actor where he talked about how his character usually ends up in a one-sided love and how difficult it is to play such roles.

Kim Young Kwang confessed, “It’s no joke that a one-sided love character is hard to play. I’m definitely not a stalker, but I keep staring at her. Plus, if she’s going through a hard time, I feel her pain, too. It’s really exhausting.”

He continued, “[Since it’s a one-sided love,] she ends up in a relationship with someone else. In the end, I just think, ‘What did I do till now?'” and laughed.

Watch the clip below (around 08:24 mark).

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