Netizens Dissatisfied With Jun Ji Hyun Winning the President’s Award

While it has been announced that actress Jun Ji Hyun has won the President’s Award in the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, some netizens find this unreasonable because of the actress’ past actions and claims.

There are comments such as, “Jun Ji Hyun was a model for Changbai Mountain (Jangbaek Mountain) that clashes with Korea’s Baekdu Mountain. She is not fit for the President’s Award” and “She said herself in a interview that she doesn’t have any patriotism for our country.”

The second claim is referring to a interview she did when she was promoting “Assassination” where she said, “I don’t have any interest in history. The script was just perfect and my character was very charming, so I wanted to play this role.”

In regards to the netizens’ complaints, the affiliates of the given award stated, “The winner of the President’s Award was decided upon two weeks worth of judging. We were not aware of the controversy regarding the Jangbaek Mountain. There were no disagreements when Jun Ji Hyun was being screened for the nominees. She was chosen because she had a great influence hallyu-wise.”

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