Past Interviews and SNS Posts of Kim Hyun Ji Surface After Her Death in Mass Suicide

A post “Superstar K” contestant Kim Hyun Ji left on her social media in the past has surfaced since her death.

In March 2008, she wrote, “I’m nine. People pointed their fingers at me because I don’t have a father.” Through her post, she expressed the pain her mother had to endure as a single mom and the unfairness she experienced. Though her father returned home when she was 12, she was far from happy.

“My vision went red the moment I saw my father hitting my mother, who was trying to stop him from beating me. I hit him,” she confessed.

Later on, she managed to reconcile with her father through text. “I asked him why he made me like this and why he had me if he was going to treat me so poorly,” she said. “You could have cared for me a little more… You should have loved me.”

Afterwards, Kim Hyun Ji reached a tipping point in her life through her appearance in “Superstar K Season 1” in 2009 and “Voice of Korea Season 2” in 2014. “My father sent me a text saying, ‘I always love my little girl.’ My father truly loves my mother and takes care of me, even the little things,” she said.

Later on during a performance at an art center, she was ecstatic at her professor’s compliments. “It was totally my lucky day, and I felt like I was reborn,” she said. “I have to succeed. I want to make my parents the happiest couple in the world.”

Sadly, Kim Hyun Ji was found dead in a mass suicide with two other passengers in a car on October 27. It has been further revealed that she met them through a suicide website.

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