Stephanie Lee Transforms Into a Night Runner for Adidas

Stephanie Lee looks fit and athletic in a recent pictorial.

The model-turned-actress is the new muse for a night running photo shoot with fashion magazine Sure and Adidas. Though the photo shoot was held late at night, she wasn’t afraid to run around the Han river and pose with great vigor. In addition, she took good care of her fellow staff members with her bright personality and wide smile.

“As it gets colder, I advise you to run outdoors for a healthy body,” she said as she transformed into a city runner.

She also added that climate training wear, which adjusts body temperature, feels light, and is easy to move in, is a must-have for winter sports.

Meanwhile, more images for Stephanie Lee’s Adidas Climate pictorial will be published in the November issue of Sure.

stephanie lee Stephanie lee 2

Stephanie Lee 3

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