Jung Kyung Ho Sends Food Truck to His Girlfriend Sooyoung’s Drama Set

Jung Kyung Ho seems to be taking good care of his girlfriend Girls’ Generation’Sooyung, especially since he sent a food truck to her drama set.

On October 28, Coffee Pong, a celebrity support business, posted a picture along with the caption, “Support for Sooyoung in the drama ‘Perfect Sense.’”

In the picture, a food truck with a banner and sign that says “It’s on Jung Star” is set in front of the vehicle.

Jung Star is Jung Kyung Ho’s nickname, which implies that he gave the staff of KBS’s drama “Perfect Sense” the food truck as a gift.

“Jung Kyung Ho prepared the truck for Sooyoung and the staff who are working hard on the field,” Coffee Pong added. “We will make sure to pass on his kind heart as well.”

Since the couple went public with their relationship in January, they have continued to go strong.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung has taken on the role of Ah Yeon, a blind teacher who ice skates, in the 2016 Day of People With Disabilities special drama “Perfect Sense,” which will air on April 20.

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