Heartwarming Video of McDonalds Employee Helping Out Handicapped Customer Goes Viral

A heartwarming video has been posted online and it has gone viral as of now.

The video seems to be a security camera footage of a McDonalds employee helping out a disabled customer.

According to the video and additional reports, the McDonalds employee kindly listened to the handicapped customer who couldn’t deliver his words well. Afterwards, the employee walked the customer to the nearest table.

When the customer had difficulty using his hands, the employee brought the food to him and peeled the packaging for him.

The employee must’ve been busy working, but nevertheless kept a warm smile on his face and looked after the customer until he finished eating. The employee made sure to put the customer’s change in his wallet for him, too.

The customer thanked the employee for his kindness and told him that he was able to enjoy his hamburger comfortably.

Watch the clip below.

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