Updated: VIXX Drops Captivating Individual Teaser Photos

Update 11/1 KST:

The first individual teaser photos for VIXX’s comeback have been released. It appears that VIXX will be going for a clean look with white suits, but the bright orange neckpieces suggest that there will be an unexpected twist to the concept.

A group teaser photo was released after the individual teasers, announcing the album title “Chained Up” and the music video release on November 10 at noon KST.

A mysterious countdown timer has also been posted on VIXX’s homepage.

hongbin teaser

vixx hyuk.



n leo

vixx group

VIXX will be joining the comeback rush in November!

On October 30 at midnight KST, a mysterious teaser photo was posted on VIXX’s official homepage and social media accounts.

The red-and-black teaser shows a metallic heart wrapped up in chains, hinting at another dramatic—possibly even rated R—VIXX concept.

Set to drop on November 10, the album will mark VIXX’s first full-length release in two years, their previous one being “VOODOO” in November 2013. Back then, VIXX took their first-ever music show win with the title track “Voodoo Doll.”

Meanwhile, the members have been pursuing individual activities as musical actors and drama stars over the past year, in addition to Leo and Ravi‘s sub-unit activities.

Stay tuned for more updates on VIXX’s return!

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