Here’s What To Watch This Halloween, You’re Welcome

Halloween doesn’t have to be about candy and costumes, in fact one of our favorite parts of Halloween is the scarier side. Playing scary video games with the lights off for the entire month of October? Yes. Marathoning scary movies while eating candy the whole Halloween weekend? The dream.

When it comes to horror, Asia seems to have mastered the formula of just the right amount of terrifying with an addicting storyline that keeps you glued to your seat. As such, we’re here to recommend our favorite Viki horror series and movies.

So whether you’re planning on spending the day marathoning or an evening of movies, whether you plan on sleeping tonight or staying awake in a state of constant terror, we’ve got some great recommendations:

1) The Village: Achiara’s Secret


Achiara seems to be a nice, peaceful village – until you disturb the status quo. So Yoon accidentally discovers a dead body on her first day in the village and the ensuing investigation throws her into the deadly shadows of Achiara.

Why to Watch:

  • Korea rarely does mystery thriller dramas, so when they do you know it’s going to be good and it’s airing right now
  • Ace cast: up-and-coming idol actor Yook Sungjae (BTOB) and veteran all-star Moon Geun Young keep the storyline moving quickly and have been receiving praise for their flawless portrayal of fear

2) Master’s Sun


What’s a cold-blooded and self-centered CEO to do when he falls in love with a compassionate female employee who sees ghosts? Well, he’s in for one wild ride, that’s for sure!

Why to Watch:

  • Part horror, part romantic comedy – the perfect combination if you want a mild spook for Halloween
  • Similar to the US series “Ghost Whisperer” so even your non-K-drama fans will appreciate it!

3) Blood

Is it truly possible for a vampire to be a surgeon? Brilliant vampire surgeon Park Ji Sang must overcome his omnipresent blood lust to simultaneously help humanity and keep him from getting rid of his infuriating coworker Yoo Ri Ta.

Why to Watch:

  • Model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyun is the lead – so you know there will be a lot of eye-candy
  • A refreshing take on the classic vampire romance story of a male vampire and a female human
  • Lots of graphic vampire transformation & fighting scenes for the horror buffs

4) Midnight’s Girl

Can a mysterious young lady who only appears after midnight at a karaoke help an aspiring musician become a superstar?

Why to Watch:

  • Part horror, part romantic comedy this web drama’s episodes are only 15 minutes so you’ll be able to marathon them all Halloween night!
  • Are you a fan of Winner? Nam Tae Hyun is the main lead so you absolutely must check it out

5) Dead Friend

As she tries to regain her memory back, Ji Won is haunted by flashbacks from her past where water is always present with ghostly presence. What has she done to deserve these nightly terrors?

Why to Watch:

  • If you’re looking to stay up all night (in terror) this is your film
  • If water isn’t your thing, you’ll finally have an excuse to never swim again

6) Immortal


A Romeo-and-Juliet story about a vampire and a werewolf who realize too late that they are mortal enemies. Will the two young lovers be forced to carry out their destinies and destroy each other?

Why to Watch:

  • Featured the hot pairing of top stars Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz
  • When Romeo and Juliet meets Twilight, you can’t go wrong
  • Angel Locsin was named “Manila’s Sexiest Woman” this year (so, eye candy!)

7) Mysterious Summer


Fifteen strangers living in Beijing realize that their lives are unexpectedly connected as they encounter a summer of horrific events.

Why to Watch:

  • Each episode is a stand-alone story – but they all come together to explain the mystery connecting the 15 strangers
  • The series was a first-of-its-kind joint venture between China and Japan

8) Torihada

“Torihada” is the story of people’s near-death experiences – from things that life throws at them to the spooky happenings of a supernatural nature.

Why to Watch:

  • Each episode is made up of smaller stories that keep the pace moving quickly but are guaranteed to get under your skin!

9) ADA Vengeance


When seemingly normal student Miho seems to lose it and kills everyone in her school, Yuko is the only student alive to witness it all. But what sends Miho over the edge? Why is Yuko forced to watch the horrific murders unfold?

Why to Watch:

  • Graphic and horrific, the film will have you squirming in your seat but unable to look away
  • The film has two parts – and the second part will put Miho and her actions in a whole new light that will leave you in shock

10) Rokkk


New bride Tanushree Dutta is settling into marital bliss when she discovers that her new house is haunted by a little girl. To make matters worse, this little girl seems to have the ability to force Tanushree to do strange things against her will. Can someone save Tanushree before the evil visitor destroys her?

Why to Watch:

  • The terrifying film is based on a true story about hallucinations and illusions (so it’s even creepier)
  • The climax comes out of nowhere, make sure you watch this with friends to share your open-mouthed surprise

Did we miss any of your Halloween horror must-sees?

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