BTS Has Fans (Halloween) Party With Them

Costumes. Your favorite idols in costumes. Your favorite idols performing in costumes. There are so many reasons why Halloween is everyone’s favorite time of year — especially if you’re a K-pop fan.

This year BTS decided to do something different with their Halloween celebration in conjunction with Naver’s V App. Through a special contest on Naver’s site, fans around the world had the chance to win a trip to Korea to attend a Halloween-themed fanmeeting sponsored by the app.

If you didn’t win, that’s okay because (neither did I) the whole costumed celebration was broadcast live. The members started out pretty mortified at having to dress up but they quickly got used to their adorable outfits and had fun with their characters.

Here’s a roundup of what each member decided to be:

1) Taehyung

While he originally wanted to be Harley Quinn, he had to settle on a vampire to keep from “scaring fans too much.” Rather than scary he turned into a very, very attractive vampire who was supposed to speak English but just spoke gibberish.

2) Jin

Jin’s costume might actually be the most hilarious simply due to the absurdity. He was a pumpkin. Just a pumpkin. That’s it.

3) Jungkook

Did you know that Jungkook is an anime fan? He decided to channel the classic “Detective Conan” and was adorable nerdy the entire event.

4) Rap Monster

Rap Monster decided to channel his inner lazy and went as Gudetama – the epically lazy Sanrio egg character. The best part is that Rap Monster doesn’t even really know what his costume is… he just chose it… Actually, perhaps he’s perfectly suited for it in the end!

5) Jimin

Jimin went full on adorable – going for the Wizard Mickey Mouse. When he introduced himself, fans just screamed “adorable!” for about 20 minutes.

6) J-hope

“I’m your father. I’m your hope.”

7) Suga

I saved this for last because it is truly my favorite costume – especially when he did some ninja jutsu and the infamous Naruto run (in place though, Suga isn’t about that running life).

From performances of “Boy In Luv,” “I NEED U,” “Miss Right,” “I Like It,” and more, to question time with fans tuning in through the app, to random play in costumes –the whole event was viewed by over 800,000 fans! The whole video hasn’t been uploaded to V yet but keep your eye out for it! For just a taste, here’s costumed “DOPE”!

Did you tune into the broadcast? Who was your favorite costume?

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