Jay Park’s New Album Features 27 of the Hottest Rappers in the Hip Hop Scene

A whopping number of 27 rappers are being featured in Jay Park’s new album.

AOMG, co-founded by Jay Park, revealed that his new album “WORLDWIDE,” which will be released on November 27, features 27 rappers.

The 18 songs include Simon Dominc, co-founder of AOMG, and the hottest rappers from major hip hop labels, including 1llionaire Records, High Ground, Amoeba Culture, and Highlight Records.

From veteran rappers like High Ground representative Tablo, Amoeba Culture’s dream team Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, Highlight Record’s representative Palo Alto to newbies like SIK-K, Geegooin, Lil Boi, David Kim, Seochulgu, and BewhY, the 27 rappers come from all generations.

“Jay Park has been receiving positive feedback for the songs he’s released this year, so we hope you look forwards for his next album that is entirely made up of rap,” AOMG said.

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