Kim So Hyun Cast as Lookalike Son Ye Jin’s Younger Counterpart in Upcoming Film

Actress Kim So Hyun will portray the Joseon Dynasty’s last princess Deokhye. She will portray the princess as a young girl, the younger counterpart to actress Son Ye Jin’s princess role.

The movie “Princess Deokhye” is based on the 2009 book with the same title. It’s about the last princess of Joseon Dynasty, the daughter of King Gojong, and the people around her who gave their all to protect the princess.

From early on in the casting process, actors Son Ye Jin, Park Hae Il, and Yoon Je Moon signed on which has many fans anticipating with excitement. It has gained much attention since the movie will be made keeping the integrity of the book written with its historical figures and backdrop.

Kim So Hyun will portray the patriotic younger version of Princess Deokhye who gives everything to get back the nation under siege. The young Princess Deokhye spends her childhood in the midst of adoration until she witnesses her father King Gojong’s assassination. That becomes the turning point of her life that transforms her into a multifaceted character.

The actress will be able to express both feelings of hopelessness and determination to get her beloved country back. Not only will she show the youthful version of the princess, she will also portray the inner strength that comes with her determination to keep her father King Gojong’s last wishes.

It’s been a while since Kim So Hyun has made an appearance in a historical production. Her last role in a historical piece was MBC‘s drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun.” Since then, she has broadened her spectrum of work as an actress and many anticipate her to show more maturity in her acting putting herself on the map as the next “queen of historical dramas.”

“Princess Deokhye” will start filming in November.

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