BTOB Minhyuk’s First Drama “Sweet Family” Stills Portray Him as Prince Charming

Still cuts of BTOB’s Minhyuk’s first drama “Sweet Family” have been released.

In the images, Minhyuk can be seen playing an acoustic guitar in the sunset at a park. The way he is absorbed in his music is enough to make fans swoon.

Unlike his charismatic and flashy presence on stage, he looks like the typical prince charming in the picture.

Before actually filming the scene, Minhyuk carried his guitar around with him everywhere to practice. During the filming, a large crowd of civilians gathered around, transfixed by his melody. As they cheer him on, Minhyuk is empowered by their support and plays an even more impressive performance for them.

This isn’t the first time the actors of “Sweet Family” have attracted a crowd.Jung Joon Ho, who plays the role of Minhyuk’s father, also had a large crowd following him while filming in Daejeon.

While this is Minhyuk’s first debut in the acting world, he will be lovers with Jung Woong In and Yoo Sun’s daughter, Minah from Girl’s Day. Fans are eager to see how Minhyuk will approach women, especially when he has to play Romeo.

“Sweet Family” is a human comedy that tells the story of how the mighty boss of a gang is whipped at home by his wife and children.

The drama will air after “She Was Pretty,” on November 18.

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