FNC Entertainment Opens School in Ecuador

FNC Entertainment, the media label behind FTISLAND, CNBLUEAOA, and more, has just opened its third school in a developing nation.

On October 23, the company opened the “Love FNC School” in San Borondon, Ecuador. The school follows two others opened in order to promote education in countries ridden with poverty; the first opened in 2012 in the west African nation Burkina Faso thanks to sponsorship from CNBLUE, and the second in the Philippines after being struck by natural disaster in 2013.

The Love FNC School Project was started to give the world’s most vulnerable and underprivileged children an opportunity at a quality education.

A representative from FNC stated, “57 percent of the population of these regions are not economically active. According to a population census of unemployed day laborers and single mothers, the issue of developing an infrastructure to help children’s studies is the most pressing.”


FNC is also in the business of contributing to society in other ways, as well. The company has been sponsoring around 80 children through an international relief organization since 2008, and CNBLUE and FTISLAND have been public relations ambassadors for the Hantol Sharing Festival since 2009.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa in particular has contributed to FNC’s cause, having personally written the school song for the first school opened in Burkina Faso.

Meanwhile, FNC received an award for Most Contributions to Society from the 7th Annual KOSDAQ Awards this past June.

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*Update: An earlier version of this article did not state how long FNC had been sponsoring the children through the international relief agency. The sponsorship has been ongoing since 2008.