Brown Eyed Girls Show Their “Obsession” in MV Teaser

Update November 2:

Brown Eyed Girls’ “Wave” teaser

Brown Eyed Girls’ “Time of Ice Cream” teaser


Preparing for their much-anticipated comeback next week, Brown Eyed Girls have dropped a music video teaser for one of their two title tracks, “Obsession.”

The teaser showcases a sultry jazz track and a dark, almost film noir feel to it, showing off the members one by one.

“Obsession” will be part of Brown Eyed Girls’s double track promotions alongside “Time of Ice Cream,” which was revealed in a teaser trailer on October 29. The girls will be making their first comeback in two years with the release of their sixth studio album “Basic” on November 5. The album will have 10 tracks and will drop at midnight.

Are you pumped for the return of Brown Eyed Girls?