Watch: 4Minute’s Jiyoon Turns the Hate Around On “Unpretty Rapstar 2”

4Minute’s Jiyoon proved on the October 30 broadcast of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” that she had the last laugh on her haters.

After getting off to a weak start on the survival program, Jiyoon was unable to find a partner at first in this week’s “Teamwork Battle.” In the end, she was paired with Wonder GirlsYubin in a girl group collaboration.


Thought to be the weakest team by their fellow contestants, the pair used this prejudice as fuel for their fire. In order to avoid a permanent elimination, they came up with various ideas and worked hard. Jiyoon surprised everyone by using the lyrics from her widely-criticized introduction rap as a hook.

4minute jiyoon wonder girls yubin

On stage, the two girls worked their long years of being idols to their advantage, giving a synergetic and exciting performance. The judges were especially impressed with how the pair, especially Jiyoon, revived her much-mocked line and showed how the criticism didn’t get her down. In a complete turnaround, the pair took first place.jiyoon yubin

At the end, Yubin praised Jiyoon, saying, “This couldn’t have happened without her.” Jiyoon was equally grateful to her partner, saying, “Her idea [to use the line] was a gift from the gods.”

Watch the performance below:

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