WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun Composed Two Songs Recently Filmed in Sweden

In the midst of WINNER’s preparation for their comeback, a YG Entertainment representative revealed on October 31 that the songs for the two music videos filmed recently in Sweden were written and composed by member Nam Tae Hyun.

Despite being the maknae of the group, Nam Tae Hyun wrote and composed three songs (“Confession,” “But,” and “Tonight”) off WINNER’S debut album, “2014 S/S.” Although all the WINNER members participated in the composition of the upcoming album, the fact that Nam Tae Hyun’s songs were chosen for the music videos reveals the maknae had an important role in the preparations.

The director for the music videos filmed last week is Sebastian Ringler, who notably worked with the Swedish DJ Avicii. Member Song Mino is said to be playing an important role in the music videos, while the group is scheduled to film two more.

WINNER’s debut album “2014 S/S” earned the group the title “monster rookies” and achieved an all-kill with their title track “Empty” on music charts, even winning first place on a music program with their debut performance.

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