Celebrity’s Husband Under Investigation for Drugging and Raping a Woman

A Channel A exclusive report claims that two men have been arrested by the police and are under investigation for drugging and raping women they met at a hotel resort swimming pool. One of the men in question is confirmed to be the husband of a celebrity who is a former Miss Korea and comes from a famous celebrity family.

On August 17, Mr. Kim who is a businessman in his forties was enjoying the swimming pool at a resort hotel near Namsan in Seoul. He was with a friend Mr. Jung who is in his twenties and a former national golf player.

Mr. Jung called up two women in their twenties whom he met at a nightclub. The foursome went on to play cards and have drinks.

Suddenly, one of the two women lost consciousness after drinking something that was given to her by the men. It seems the drink was drugged.

Each man proceeded to take a woman to a nearby motel and sexually assaulted them.

The drug substance along with Mr. Kim and Mr. Jung’s DNA were found in the victims’ bodies.

Mr. Kim denied the charges while Mr. Jung made his confession.

Both Mr. Kim and Mr. Jung deny that they added any substances to the drinks.

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