Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals Her Worries Over Her Solo Debut Song Lyrics

On the October 31 broadcast of OnStyle’s reality show “Daily Taeng9Cam,” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon appears on Sunny’s radio program.

Taeyeon introduces herself as a rookie singer. She recently released her solo debut album with the title track, “I.”

She then asks Sunny, “Did my song embarrass you when you heard it for the first time?” Sunny replies, “No, not at all.” Taeyeon expresses her concern saying, “I was worried at first. The lyrics are a bit embarrassing, you know.” Sunny goes on to compliment Taeyeon with genuine words of encouragement. She says, “You did such a great job singing it. You covered it up well.” She adds, “I was glad to hear the title track is of an unexpected genre.”


“Daily Taeng9Cam” is a reality show that closely follows Taeyeon in her daily life. It airs every Saturday at noon KST.

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