EXO’s Kai Reveals How Many Kids He Wants

EXO‘s Kai says that appearing on “Oh! My Baby” made him he realize how difficult it is to raise children, causing him to rethink his future family goals.

On the October 31 episode of the show, Kai continues his playdate with Ricky Kim‘s son Tae Oh and daughter Tae Rin, and comes to realize that taking care of kids is not all giggles and games.

While looking after Tae Oh, Kai finds himself in the most surprising situations that put his child care skills to the true test. For instance, Tae Oh suddenly wants to spit out a piece of meat while eating, and later on, Kai has to accompany him to the restroom.

Upon seeing how well Kai handled the challenges, Ricky Kim compliments him, “I’m pretty good at reading people. Kai will definitely make a good father.”

Kai comments on the eye-opening experience, “I want to have three kids, but now I feel like taking it slow and waiting a little before having the next one. Through today’s experience, I realized that [raising children] is a lot of work.”

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