MAMAMOO Impress Red Velvet With Their Jam-Packed Schedule

Girl group MAMAMOO surprised everyone by revealing up to how many events and festivals they attend on a daily basis.

On the October 31 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Immortal Song,” MAMAMOO joins Red Velvet and Tei for the Bae Ho special, and have a short interview with the MCs before going up to the stage.

While in the waiting room, MAMAMOO is asked, “Is it true that you are the most sought-after festival performer right now?”

“It’s true that we’ve had quite a few festivals lined up,” the girls respond, and then shock everyone by revealing, “We perform up to four events a day.”

The members of Red Velvet immediately drop their jaws in surprise, and cause everyone else to burst into laughter as they say, as if finding it difficult to believe, “Wow. Four events a day…”


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