Taeyeon Spends Quality Time With Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi

Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi make an appearance on the October 31 broadcast of Taeyeon’s reality program “Daily Taeng9 Cam.”

red velvet wendy seulgi taeyeon

The two of them visit Taeyeon at her “agit” and the three of them try their hand at baking. Unfortunately, it soon becomes apparent that while all three of them like the hobby, none of them are very good at it. Taeyeon even puts the ingredients that were supposed to be kept at room temperature in the refrigerator, slowing down the whole process.

taeyeon wendy

When Wendy uses an old-fashioned word for “whisk,” Taeyeon corrects her junior’s pronunciation and asks jokingly, “Are you really from Canada? My mom and aunt use that word.” Wendy explains that her mother also uses that word.

The three of them also visit an ice cream shop together and Taeyeon tells her juniors that she gained a lot of weight after her debut. “I was thin before debut, but afterwards I had a lot of irregular schedules and spent a lot of time in the car and couldn’t exercise,” she says. She goes on to comfort her juniors, saying, “Don’t stress too much, it’s inevitable at your age.”

taeyeon red velvet

OnStyle’s “Taeng9 Cam” airs every Saturday at noon KST.

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