Suzy Hurts Her Voice Practicing for Role in Upcoming Film “The Sound of a Flower”

Miss A‘s Suzy has recently taken up the art of pansori (traditional Korean storytelling put to song) for her upcoming role in “The Sound of a Flower.”


On the October 31 episode of KBS2 TV‘s “Entertainment Weekly,” Suzy opens up about how normal singing is different than the singing style of pansori. “It’s totally different,” she says. “Just the sound alone takes 200 percent. When I was practicing I couldn’t do the vocalization properly so I hurt my throat.”

She continues, “At some point I felt its charm, so I hummed it to myself.”

If you haven’t heard pansori, check out Kim Yeon Woo‘s (Cleopatra’s) impressive performance on “King of Mask Singer.”


Meanwhile, the trailer for “The Sound of a Flower” surpassed 1 million views shortly after it was released, according to Suzy’s co-star Ryu Seung Ryong, who joked that the views must have all been from Suzy’s fans. The film will hit theaters on November 25.

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