MAMAMOO’s Official Light Stick Is… a Radish?

Popular girl group MAMAMOO has revealed their official light stick!

On October 28, MAMAMOO’s agency RBW Entertainment posted the photos to Twitter. The light sticks, which are used primarily at concerts and as admission to get into music shows, will be available for purchase to official fan club members in December. They are made in the shape of radishes, because the “moo” in MAMAMOO sounds like the Korean word for radish. The tops of the light stick is green, the bottom half is white, and the handle is gray.



Prior to the release of the official light sticks, MAMAMOO fans earned chuckles by bringing actual radishes to events to support the group. Needless to say, fans and netizens alike are delighted with the news of the light stick finally being released, as MAMAMOO debuted in the summer of 2014.

What do you think of the light stick?

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