Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ha Neul Chosen As Actors Who Succeeded on Talent Alone

On the November 1 episode of MBC‘s “Section TV,” a segment titled “Section Reporters Group Talk” discusses which stars had come the furthest.

In the discussion, the reporters named Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, and Kang Ha Neul as three stars who have become successful on their sheer acting talent alone. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum have worked together in two wildly-successful dramas, “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “Secret Love,” while Kang Ha Neul began his career as a musical actor and then catapulted to popularity in the 2014 drama “Incomplete Life.”

Other notable names mentioned were Lee Joon and Im Siwan. D.O. of EXO was also commended as being a talented actor despite his idol status.

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