Top 11 Songs You Absolutely Must Avoid During Exams

Because these earworms are ready to set up camp in your brain.

While high school seniors around Korea are cramming hard for the upcoming college entrance exam, media outlet Insight has combined a list of tracks that students should avoid like the plague before the big day.

Here are the 11 songs that have the potential to ruin your grades, simply because they are so incredibly catchy and guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days, leaving no room for the things you should actually memorize.

Remember that you have been warned.

1. SS501 – “U R Man”

2. Incredivle, Tablo, Jinusean — “Oppa’s Car”

3. Jun Jin — “Wow Wow Wow (feat. Eric)”

4. SangJuna — “My Life (feat. SISTAR’s Hyorin)”

5. Oronamin CF starring Jeon Hyun Moo and Kang Min Kyung

6. Yeondoo CF starring Cha Seung Won

7. Jamezz, Andup, Song Mino – “Turtle Ship”

8. SHINee – “Ring Ding Dong”

9. Rain – “LA Song”

10. Super Junior – “Sorry Sorry”

11. f(x) – “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

Now good luck with your exams!

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