Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: October 12–25

There are several reasons why we’re enjoying these currently airing shows, but it’s especially the characters’ bond, even when it’s unwanted, that makes these dramas even more special and addictive. As you’ll see, though, there are more bonds that are more literal and harder to break. LOL.

1. “D-Day” (Episode 12): Don’t Give Up

Suffering from PTSD and unable to save a young patient. Hae Sung gives up on being a doctor. When she realizes that Hae Sung has left the hospital for good, Ddol Mi seeks him out in the streets. Just as he drives away on his motorcycle, Ddol Mi blocks him. She pleads with him not to leave, and when he turns his back on her, she tells him that she visited the dead boy, Ji Won. She tells Hae Sung that Ji Won was thankful for holding his hand when he was scared. Ji Won was also thankful that Hae Sung didn’t say it would be useless for a surgery because of his disease. As tears well up in her eyes and her voice shaking, Ddol Mi tells Hae Sung that Ji Won was thankful that he had his warm hands to hold while his heart became cold.

Hae Sung tells her to stop saying lies, but Ddol Mi continues, adding that Ji Won was grateful for his words encouraging him to live. Ddol Mi then rushes to Hae Sung, clinging onto his back. She begs him again not to go, insisting that Ji Won really said those things. If he leaves, then how will the boy rest in peace? As she sobs with her head leaning on his back, Ddol Mi pleads for him to stay. Again and again, she tells him not to go until Hae Sung finally turns around to comfort her. Yeah! Fight on!

2. “Sassy Go Go” (Episode 6): You’ve Got Us


Wrongfully accused of inappropriately touching one of his female students, Professor Tae Bom is forced to resign from his teaching position. It might seem that the whole school is against him, but Yeol, Ha Joon, Dong Jae, and especially Yeon Doo staunchly defend him against the accusations. Meanwhile, the accuser feels guilty over her actions when she learns that Tae Bom would be receiving a punishment that’s harsher than anticipated. However, because of Yeon Doo, who encourages the accuser to confess, the truth is revealed. During their cheerleading session, Yeon Doo and the others hold up signs avowing the allegations against Tae Bom to be false and requesting his return.

Tae Bom, who has the heart of a true teacher, is moved as much as we are, and while we still worry for him, we are glad that he is vindicated.

3. “She Was Pretty” (Episode 10): Just a Concerned Friend

Hye Jin has found out that Shin Hyuk went to the hospital for an injured arm, so, while having lunch, she persistently asks him how he hurt himself. Shin Hyuk avoids answering her and insists that she should feed him instead. Hye Jin accommodates all his requests while Shin Hyuk eats, but afterwards, he eventually tells her that he fell off his motorcycle. Hye Jin demands for his keys, forbidding him to ride the bike again. Although he jokes around, he is touched and feels bad at the same time as her concern gets his hopes up even when he has no chance with her. Awww. Hye Jin might like another man, but Shin Hyuk has won over the hearts of many fangirls.

4. “Six Flying Dragons” (Episode 6): Answer From the Mountain God

Boon Yi must leave the remaining members of her village behind as she goes in search of the one that can lead her down the right path. However, the villagers don’t feel confident they can make it on their own in the caves as they have no way of providing for themselves. One member wistfully mentions the possibility of the mountain god providing gold, silk, and food, a sentiment immediately scoffed at by the newly appointed village leader. As soon as he finishes his statement, Bang Won comes in dressed in silk and gold. The group gawk at him and waste no time tying him to a tree. As they strip his clothes off, Bang Won begs to be released.

This scene kept us laughing as Boon Yi respectfully addresses him while regarding the villagers’ actions as though they were common place. At least, she’s leaving him a sharp rock to help him cut the rope. LOL.

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5. “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (Episode 5): Someone to Trust


There’s a long list of suspects for the murder of Hye Jin, and Yoo Na’s older brother, Gi Hyun, has shot up to the top when the police discover that he may have been the last one to see the young art teacher alive. Yoo Na, who was very attached to Hye Jin and looks up to her brother, becomes upset when the police question Gi Hyun. She turns to So Yoon, who allays her concerns, suggesting that her brother was only helping the police. Feeling relieved, Yoo Na hugs So Yoon.

Although she’s sharp and mature beyond her years, Yoo Na grapples with issues that no child should shoulder. She may have initially been cold towards So Yoon, but we’re glad that Yoo Na has reached out to our compassionate heroine. We also hope that their bond will help them in uncovering the mystery surrounding Hye Jin’s death.

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6. “All About My Mom” (Episode 22): She Continues to Be Trouble


Desperate to score points with her boyfriend’s mother, San Ok, Chae Ri takes it upon herself to run the ahjumma’s store while she’s at home. Never mind that Chae Ri’s been told to go away. Her latest attempt to impress mom spells trouble as she drove shoppers away the last time she imposed her help. This time, however, the clueless socialite attracts many customers, clearing the store of its many side dishes. Has Chae Ri actually done something right?

San Ok is initially amazed at the wad of cash Chae Ri hands her, but she’s quickly miffed again when she learns that her son’s girl sold $3 side dishes but gave away the $5 ones for free! Yikes!

Chae Ri means well, but with her mounting screw-ups, she might need another lifetime to win San Ok’s approval.

That’s all for this list! Thanks for checking it out, and let’s do it again next time!

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