Boyfriend Fans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Want Them to Have a Comeback

It appears that Boyfriend would love to make a comeback, but for now, they have no choice but to be patient.

Members Hyunsung, Jungmin and Minwoo of the boy group Boyfriend appeared on a broadcast on November 1 via the Naver V app and dished out on any comeback plans they might have.

Though the members initially planned to talk musicals, as Hyunsung recently made his musical debut in “Joint Security Area: JSA,” the conversation quickly turned to Boyfriend’s thoughts on comeback plans.


“I’ll be honest,” said member Jungmin. “Our company has become huge. I had no idea it would grow to this size.” Minwoo added, “It’s not that we don’t have any promises, but we’re just waiting for our turn. Since other artists also have albums to put out, we’re preparing while we wait so that we can put out a good song and a good album.”

Hyunsung then revealed that the queue is luckily getting shorter and it’s almost their turn to start preparing a new album. “It’s our time soon. This is detailed information that I’m sharing with you.”

He went on to add that they, too, are eagerly awaiting a comeback. “Jungmin especially says that he wants to have a comeback all the time. ‘I want to come back’ and ‘I want to stand on stage again,’ he repeats these as often as he eats. He says them before going to bed, while eating breakfast, and while eating lunch. [Saying ‘I want to come back’] is like a habit for him.”

It seems that the fans aren’t the only ones who want Boyfriend to have a comeback! Meanwhile, the boys are set to kick off their first world tour this month.

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