TaeTiSeo Preparing for a Comeback in December

Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun of TaeTiSeo, the extremely successful unit group of Girls’ Generation, will be making a comeback in the month of December. Since last summer, Girls’ Generation has been taking the music scene by storm and is expected to continue to dominate the music industry until the end of the year.

On November 1, a music industry official has stated that TaeTiSeo is working towards releasing a new winter single in the first week of December. Since their mini album last September, this would be their first comeback in one year and three months. With the large success earned from their last two albums, TaeTiSeo has evolved into a strong force in the music industry. Unsurprisingly, there are high expectations for the unit group’s new winter single.

Starting in July, Girls’ Generation promoted their single “Party” with great success and in August, quickly transitioned into promoting their title track “Lion Heart” from their fifth album through September. Both singles dominated the number one spot in music charts and the group received a total of 21 trophies on music programs. In October, Taeyeon released her first solo album, “I,” and promoted the song for a month, receiving a total of 10 trophies from music programs. Passing on the baton to TaeTiSeo, the unit group is also expected to dominate charts in December. If the unit group is able to win 10 more trophies through this comeback, then Girls’ Generation will have received a whopping total of 40 trophies, all from the latter half of 2015.

TaeTiSeo plans to release songs fitting for the winter theme in December. Their first album was released in April of 2012 with fun songs that fit the spring season while their second album, which was released in September of 2014, fit the fall season. Now, the unit group is planning on returning this winter. Their unique seasonal comebacks are always worth waiting for and many are excited for next month.

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