VOTE! Which K-Pop Star Looks Best With Tattoos?

Many K-pop artists have tattoos nowadays and choose to express their individuality with this type of art. While the choice of tattoos might not surprise you with some artists, there are others who may surprise you with their designs. From female artists to male idols, check out this list of tattooed K-pop stars. After viewing the photos, vote for which artist looks best with tattoos!


BoA is both extremely sexy and extremely feminine, so it should come as no surprise that her tattoo strikes that same balance as well. With an elegant letter “B,” scrolls and angels, this tattoo is large, yet classy.


Bang Yong Guk


Bang Yong Guk has multiple tattoos on his body, but the biggest one comes in the form of this large chest tattoo which says “Revolucion.” His other tattoos read “Make Art, Not War” and “Do what u like and luv What u do.”



Perhaps the most famous tattooed K-pop artist, G-Dragon is known to have multiple tattoos on different parts of his body. He has “too fast to live too young to die” on his back. He also has a dragon ball, a cartoon heart, and other phrases and sayings such as “Mind Control” and “Forever Young.” He also has two large tattoos on his thighs.



Although Lee Hong Ki has an adorable baby-face, this singer is a rock star through and through. He has a pair of skeletons on each elbow. In addition, he also has “freedom” tattooed on the back on each arm, as well as music symbols on his wrist.




Hyorin has a couple of tattoos, most of which have a religious theme. Her largest tattoo is a detailed cross on her stomach. She got the tattoo to cover a scar from a previous surgery. It’s also said she has several small tattoos on her ankle, hand, and lower back.



Certainly the idol with the most tattoos, Jay Park’s ink can’t begin to be counted. With his entire arm covered in tattoos, he also has ones on his neck, side, chest, and hands. He says that each tattoo has a special meaning.




Jaejoong is another artist who clearly has a love for tattoos. With multiple tattoos on his chest, he also has several on his back. Perhaps the most iconic of his tattoos is the one dedicated to TVXQ. Underneath this tattoo are the words “Hope to the end,” which is how many TVXQ fans feel about seeing the original five members reunite one day.




Junhyung of BEAST has tattoos on both his arms, as well as his chest. Instead of pictures, he tends to favor philosophical sayings. The ones on his arms read “Seize the day, Put no trust in tomorrow” in Latin and “If I die tomorrow I would never regret” in English.



The beautiful Lee Hyori is another K-pop star with multiple tattoos. Apart from a few delicate ones on her wrist, the largest tattoo she has is one on the back of her arm. This tattoo includes a couple of flowers and reads, “Walk lightly in the spring, mother earth is pregnant.” She also has the word “LOVE” tattooed on the back of her neck.




Jia from miss A is confirmed to have two small tattoos. In addition to a heartbeat on the inside of her finger, she also has a feminine diamond shape on her neck. It’s said she also has a heart on the back of each ankle, in addition to another small tattoo on her finger.




Taeil from Block B may have a cute, adorable image, but this artist is pretty decked out with tattoos. In addition to the large tiger on his left arm, he also has several other large tattoos on his right arm and a large chest piece. Unlike most idols, Taeil tends to choose colorful tattoos instead of plain, black ones.



Another Block B member, Zico is also known to have multiple tattoos. Many of his tattoos have religious themes, such as the one on his right arm and one on his chest. He also has a large portrait of his mother done on his chest as well.



Taeyang is another K-pop artist who is famous for having tattoos. As a Christian, he chose to have the death and resurrection of Christ done on his back, in addition to a large cross. He also has another large, detailed cross going down his side.



This Brown Eyed Girls member is known to love tattoos. In addition to the small, visible tattoos she has on places like her wrist and feet, Narsha also has some large, colorful tattoos on her back and stomach. The one on her stomach stretches across her pelvis and includes birds, flowers and a large diamond.

Which one of these K-pop stars rocks the tattooed look? Do you prefer Jay Park’s multiple tattoos or BoA’s simple and elegant ink? Cast your vote now! You can choose up to three people. Were there any other obvious choices we should have included on this list? If so, leave us a comment below!

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